Golden Mastermind
Masters Of Marketing
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Learn Marketing From Some Of The Best Marketers Ever!
The Virtual Millionaire Club Presents
Marketing Masters Audios
The Virtual Millionaire Club Presents "Golden Mastermind Marketing Masters". This program is an accumulation of 9 audios from some of the best marketers in history. These marketers have mastered the arenas of corprate sales and marketing, book marketing, Network Marketing and personal development marketing. Now you have in one place this dynamic audio series designed to empower you to be the marketer you've always wanted to be!
This program is not just a great marketing training, this is one of the best marketing training programs ever. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to become a marketing master yourself. There are only 3 functions of business and everything else is an expense. You may be wondering what are those 3 functions:  
      1. Innovation
      2. Marketing
      3. Money Management

Of the 3 functions of business, "MARKETING" is by far the most important. The reason I say that marketing is the most important is because, if you have great innovation and bad marketing no one will ever find out about your product or service. 
  If you have great money management skills and bad marketing you'll never have any money to manage. 
6 Top Marketing Masters Share Their Genius With You:
  • Myron Golden: Best-selling author and success coach walks you through how to overcome adversity and become a marketing master. 
  • Jim Rohn: The grandfather of the modern day business philosophy and personal development. Jim Rohn has influenced every modern day motivational speaker and business trainer from Les Brown to Tony Robbins. The audios in this training by Jim Rohn are some of the last audios that were recorded of him before he passed. 
  • Mark Victor Hansen: Best-selling author many times over. He is not just a best-selling author, he has 1 title that has sold hundreds of millions of copies. Mark is a brilliant business man, great speaker, and mind blowing visionary. 
  • Jerry Clark: Personal development, sales, marketing and personal development trainer. Jerry Clark has one of the most brilliant business minds that you will ever have the opportunity to learn from. In fact many of the businsess moguls you currently follow have been either trained or influenced by Jerry Clark. 
  • John Assaraaf: John is not just a motivational speaker, author and business coach. He is a leader in brain research for business and personal business development. He has been featured on national television and has been a guest contributor in many best selling programs. 
  • Jeffery Combs: Dynamic trainer and business coach who has trained business leaders, professional atheletes actors as well as small business entrepreneurs. You will learn how to be better at closing sales, marketing and producting big results from Jeffery Combs. 
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